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I'm a Senior Product Design Consultant at Nortal.

Previously at VMware, Facebook, OXIO, and others.

Royal Canadian Air Force



SPACE C.O.P:3000 is a specialized military dashboard designed to address space domain awareness and tackle threats in orbit for the RCAF. It is designed to enhance space public data to provide specialized satellite monitoring, strengthen space security, and ensure the safety of Canadian space assets, empowering the RCAF to collaborate effectively and navigate the complexities of space with allies. SPACE C.O.P's primary users are analyst officers within the 7 Space Operations Squadron (7SOPS - SDA) under the 7 Wing of the 3 Canadian Space Division (3CSD) within RCAF.


Social Media

Oasis Facebook

Oasis is a cutting-edge video player system within the Facebook App. It's built to tackle challenges in making video experiences smoother and overcoming development hurdles. It's a straightforward solution that supports the growing trend of vertical videos. Oasis transforms how people engage and collaborate on the Facebook App, bringing in a new era of easy and creative video content creation. View live


B2B2C Telecom


BrandVNO, OXIO's B2B cloud-based console and API solution, enables the virtualization of multiple networks and operators. It empowers enterprises to provide tailored wireless mobile services to their customers. BrandVNO's adaptability spans the entirety of the user journey, facilitating functionalities such as reviewing usage history, transferring existing numbers to their brand, activating or deactivating payment channels as needed, and managing SIM, eSIM, device inventory, and SMSs—all accessible through the web portal. 3 projects in this study case include the New User Activation Logic introduced into BrandVNO, the development of an SMS Notification Management System, and the initiation of a White Label Mobile Design System within the OXIO ecosystem. View live




Michelin has partnered with Vmware Tanzu Labs to build a cutting-edge web application for the MRT (Manufacturing, Retreading, and Tire) Network, streamlining the re-tread setup process for dealers. It enables efficient data entry, real-time tracking, and quality control integration, ensuring the production of safer tires. The app assists in facilitating seamless communication between dealers and customers, provides analytics for continuous improvement, and offers training resources. This project focuses on the Creation and the Edit features of CAM Spec (Customer Asset Management Specifications). WIP - Coming soon




A user-friendly app for solo travelers to connect, share, and explore with like-minded individuals through strategic pairing and group events. Escapers let solo travelers document their journey in travel diaries, contribute to a shared knowledge base, and engage in cultural exchanges. Escapers is more than an app; it's a reliable tool for fostering a global community of adventurous souls. 🌍👫✈️

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