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BrandVNO, OXIO's B2B cloud-based console and API solution, facilitates multi-network and multi-operator virtualization. This platform empowers enterprises to deliver customized wireless mobile services to their users. BrandVNO is adaptable throughout the entire user journey, allowing enterprises to conveniently review usage history, transfer existing numbers to their brands, activate or deactivate payment channels as required, and manage SIM, eSIM, device inventory, and SMSs—all through the user-friendly web portal.


UX Design Lead


2020 - 2021



BrandVNO User Activation

BrandVNO Web Portal oversees all interactions between telecom network providers and their customers. This project is to introduce user activation logic into the Web Portal to streamline customer management and integrate it seamlessly into the existing product lifecycle.


SMS Notification Management

Default SMS messages (e.g. welcome SMS, plan activation SMS) currently must be configured within the admin portal which is complicated to understand and navigate, leading to misconfigurations and production errors. This project is to improve a feature of BrandVNO which is SMS Notification Management and how these SMS is configured and delivered to client’s customers.


White Label Mobile Design System

OXIO has expanded its influence in the telecommunication industry in the Mexico market with its white-label mobile network called BrandVNO. It gives many brands across Retail, Ecommerce, Education, and Enterprise the power of providing mobile carriers to their customers at an affordable cost with almost zero up-front investment. This project is born to shorten the gap between design and code inefficiencies that exists as an expensive cost for maintaining BrandVNO in the long run.

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